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Set up in May 2015 and now with new development, We have established 3 manufacturing plants, BoShi Tech, BoliEn New Material Tech and FBTech Enerage. We major in LiFePO4, Li-ion with focus on New Energy Research and Development, Manufacturing as well as Sales and Marketing. Our manufacturing facilities have total campus area of 120,000 square meters. Our batteries cover the areas from Consumer Electronic Devices to Energy Storages & Electric Vehicle.We are proud of our customers' support to our products and services. Our production of LiFePO4 cells production reaches about 3GWh, which make us the 2nd largest production in China for cyclindrical LFP cells. ... 【more】



  • <strong>锂离子涂覆隔膜...</strong>
  • <strong>锂离子湿法隔膜</strong>
  • <strong>Communications Storage Battery</strong>
    LTP 48V series Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is storage battery to provide reliable backup power for access network equipment, remote switch, mobile communications, transmission equipment and other systems....
  • <strong>Low Speed EV Battery</strong>
    Low speed electric vehicle LSEV is a new energy vehicle at speed about 25mph between golf cart and car or automobiles, more comfort and safer than golf cart, also more economical and smarter than automobiles....
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